What is MLP?

"MLP" stands for Missouri London Program, a cooperative study-abroad program that was created by Missouri Consortium for International Programs and Studies (MOCON) in 1982. Missouri S&T is a member of MOCON and sends students and faculty to London every year as part of the Missouri London Program. The MLP is different from other London study-abroad programs in that students study with Missouri professors in London and receive credit from their home institutions. The MLP is both a student and faculty enrichment program. MOCON contracts with CAPA International to provide services to students, classroom space in London, etc.

More about MOCON

MOCON initially was a consortium of four Missouri public universities. It has grown over the years to include most public universities in the state of Missouri, and all public four-year institutions of higher education in the state have a standing invitation to join and become dues-paying members.

For many years, MOCON and MLP were synonymous. Over time, MOCON became a forum for informal cooperation and information sharing by member universities. MOCON members, from the beginning, have shared a common interest in developing their international education programs. In 1996, MOCON, at the initiative of UMSL, began to operate the Missouri Africa Program in Ghana. The MAP or Ghana Program has functioned as a sub-consortium of MOCON that is supported by four member universities. In 2008-2009, MOCON, again at the initiative of UMSL, began the Missouri Greece Program in Athens. This study abroad program is also a sub-consortium of MOCON that is supported by eight member universities.

MOCON Member Institutions

Columbia College    
Lincoln University
Missouri Southern State University
Missouri State University
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Northwest Missouri State University
Southeast Missouri State University
Truman State University
University of Central Missouri
University of Missouri – Kansas City
University of Missouri – St. Louis
University of Missouri  - Columbia


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Contact Info:

To learn more about S&T's Missouri London Program, please contact the MLP Director Dr. Ed Malone (malonee@mst.edu), H-SS 222, 573-341-4681, and Program Administrator Stephane Menand (stephane.menand@mst.edu), 103 Norwood Hall, (573) 341-6237.