Why should I go?

Mandy Jo Cowell, History (Fall 1998)
The MLP gave me a new outlook on everything. ...  Being submerged in their culture taught me to have a little more patience and understanding of events, customs, and people that are different from what I know. The experience as a whole ... has made me a much stronger, more resilient person with higher levels of ambition.

Andrew Moss, Biological Sciences/Pre-Med (Winter 2007)
I learned a great deal by shadowing Dr. LaFeber when I was in London.  He is a GP, but he also specializes in group counseling (especially for addicts), and I had never had the opportunity to investigate that line of work. It was also very interesting to hear his perspective of England’s National Health Service, because he chose not to participate in that service (due to disagreements based on principle).

Rachel Birchmeier (Fall 2010)
I spent weekends in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Bruges, Spain, Wales, and Ireland. I also  took a 10-day tour of Egypt. The Egypt trip over spring break was absolutely incredible.  We visited various temples and pyramids. We also swam in the Nile and the Red Sea. I used this trip in my [MLP] cultural psychology class as a topic for a presentation at the end of the semester. I also trained for a marathon while in London, which was a lot of fun because I quickly became very familiar with the layout of the town. I ran a marathon in Ireland over Easter break.


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